“Keep Rolling Under the Stars”

The top of the Spanish Steps in Rome.

Emily Dickinson and Henry David Thoreau may have flourished in their sequestered lives close to home. Dickinson: often not leaving her room. Thoreau: not far from Walden Pond. There is nothing wrong with staying in your sanctuary, particularly if one is not pulled by a desire for the freedom of the open road. However, I believe […]

How Virtual Reality and AI Are Changing Us

two boys on smartphones

In SimCity, people get the opportunity to live a simulated existence in a virtual civilization, an ironic sub-reality.  Facebook’s Farmville users play the role of virtual farmers, planting crops, tending to livestock, and harvesting produce. People now have the time and means to sit around and farm for entertainment, while they buy their groceries at […]

Reconciling Technology

balancing stones by a lake

The proliferation of technology has sped up exponentially with time.  As our lives become more intertwined with machines, attention spans and personal interactions have continued to diminish.  In response to a nonstop stream of information, our minds are more scattered than earlier generations of people. There is no evolutionary or historical precedent for our current […]

Train Dreams

woman looking out of train window

I remember the feeling of liberation when I finally received my driver’s license at the age of sixteen. There is something special about the freedom to get behind the wheel and go anywhere one wants. I soon found that this freedom had a great deal of responsibility: insurance, registration, maintenance, among other aspects. Perhaps the […]

Do WE Own Our Possessions Or Do They Own Us?

man shopping for shirts

Flaunting and accumulating wealth has become as important as the pleasure we derive from the product itself.  The United States has often been billed as a classless society, but for a land supposedly devoid of the aristocratic titles and social divisions of the British Empire we escaped, we have pursued social stratification in other aspects […]

The Emergence of an Author Part 4

Becoming an author is hard, no matter the route you take. The publishing industry can be so maddening to deal with that it makes you want to scream. Being a person who admits to it when someone asks: “Are you a writer?”  and your reply is affirmative, is a huge step in itself. Even when […]