Call Of Duty: The Virtual World Forgets It Is At War

The Army

War is a central part of what the United States has become. Multiple forms of media are distorting our view of combat and consequently the legitimacy of war in our minds.  War is death and destruction—the darkest expression of humanity.   The Army, Marines, National Guard etc. bombard television viewers with commercials hoping to indoctrinate young […]

The Long Road To Publication

That One Small Omission cover

Years and years ago, actually decades ago, I was a stay-at-home mom for a bit, with my then youngest child who would not fall asleep at nap time. Over time, I realized that while he wouldn’t sleep, he would sit in his crib for a bit each afternoon, listening to Yanni at the Acropolis, looking […]

Exploring Joseph Campbell’s Priorities Of Societies

Trump Tower

Joseph Campbell said that we can understand the priorities of a society by looking at its grandest structures.  Churches were once the palatial temples of society, housing the faiths of the world.   Now the sleek glass skyscrapers of financial institutions tower above churches as a constant reminder that the values of modern Western culture have […]

Where Do Your Stories Come From?

A view from memory hill

Currently, my 103-year-old grandmother is going through a period of increasing disorientation. So it is welcoming that Toolan’s book affords readers an opportunity to experience and better understand this strange disease that impacts the lives of so many people. His blog will interest writers and readers alike because it is about the creative process which […]

Philip K. Dick And Blade Runner 2049 Help Us Question Reality

Philip K. Dick and Blade Runner

The remake of Blade Runner, which is loosely based on Philip K. Dick’s novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? reminds us of the man’s brilliance.  Moreover, it is astounding the prescience of a man who initially set his novel in 2021 (it was written in 1968) to create something that raised questions that we […]

Are We Learning To Live With More Humanity?

Progressive-minded Martin luther King Jr.

Mankind has socially evolved because progressive-minded people like Martin Luther King Jr. and Gandhi have led movements for ideals that they believed in—deeply rooted in basic truths and inalienable rights of humanity.  By laying out the constructs of peace and equality in a way that large portions of the population could rally around them, these […]