Gaslighting And Academic Bullying In College Can Lead To PTSD

Gaslighting in Higher Education

I’ve seen some really horrifying stuff in my department from advisors. Stuff I’d call gaslighting. Stuff like advisors taking credit for students’ work. Yeah, for sure, it can happen. –Stated an anonymous source who only identified as “namesarehard” on a string in an online forum entitled: “How common is bullying in grad school?” Gaslighting in Higher […]

Learning Smarter In The United States

Education in the United States

Education in the United States There are more than enough difficult questions to be answered and taxing problems to be solved across American society. Issues that unite people are dwindling, while polarizing conflicts continue to dominate our politics and our media. With that said, I think that one statement which remains entirely immune to partisanship is […]

Academic Betrayal: The Bullying of a Graduate Student – Official Trailer

academic betrayal trailer

​Academic Betrayal was written in an attempt to give a voice to the injustice levied on me during my torturous experience at Hunter College. It took some courage to report the truth in the face of so much adversity and power. If a single student is spared the anguish that I sustained while enrolled there, […]