Academic Betrayal: The Bullying of a Graduate Student – Official Trailer

academic betrayal trailer

​Academic Betrayal was written in an attempt to give a voice to the injustice levied on me during my torturous experience at Hunter College. It took some courage to report the truth in the face of so much adversity and power. If a single student is spared the anguish that I sustained while enrolled there, that will go a long way in helping me feel that some good has come from that experience.


Please feel free to share your own academic travails, so that we can begin a dialogue that will foster change. Please share your thoughts in the comment section.

Info on the Academic Betrayal Book Trailer

This is the first trailer ever made for a book that I have written and I think my friend Torrey Johnson did an excellent job.

Music: Song “Yes Ma’am” appearing on “Trinity” by Cullah
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Shot and Edited by Torrey Johnson (

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