In Loren Mayshark’s Death: An Exploration: Learning to Embrace Life’s Most Feared Mystery, he writes, ‘experiencing death has dragged me into emotional pits and has also compelled me to deep contemplation. This journey has filled me with wonderment as well as remorse.’

I found those sentences to be humble ones which transmit the abstract premise of his book into something we can explore in a concrete way. His narrative voice is at the same time both scholarly and personal. It lets the reader join him in trying to figure out what this concept of death is.

His observations emerge out of his curious youth, grow to an adolescent’s pondering, and then further mature with the wise citations of well-researched information from philosophers, scientists, and other distinguished thinkers.

The author makes no definite assertions in his book, allowing the reader to stay open to nuance. Like Mayshark, we are all immature in answering death’s puzzling question.
–Peter Hamilton, Author of The Devil Hates a Coward

In Death: An Exploration: Learning to Embrace Life’s Most Feared Mystery, Loren Mayshark shares his personal inquiry of what death is or could be in the stories of others as they faced the inevitable and find solace in religion, science, nature, spiritual guidance. But the exploration doesn’t stop there.

While knowing and understanding death often remains a conundrum, this exploratory primer suggests what is separate can be whole; what defines death, defines life. Death: An Exploration: Learning to Embrace Life’s Most Feared Mystery is a terrific read for those embarking on their pursuit of the illusive, the contrary, the inescapable: death… and life.
–Linda A. Lavid, Author of The Dying Of Ed Mees

Book Awards

Book AwardsDeath: An Exploration won the 2016 Beverly Hills Book Award in the category of Death and Dying.




Honorable Mention Death: An Exploration was selected as the honorable mention recipient for book of the year in the 2016 Foreword INDIES Awards in the category of Grief/Grieving (Adult Nonfiction).