Inside the Chinese Wine Industry – Official Book Trailer

While working as a freelance writer, I started writing for an online Chinese travel blog and learning about the Chinese wine industry. I became completely fascinated with the subject. It was amazing to see Chinese history and culture through the prism of wine, and from that viewpoint, something emerged that became a life-changing obsession. I […]

Goodreads Giveaway for Inside the Chinese Wine Industry

cover of Inside the Chinese Wine Industry

I would like to let everyone know that my book Inside the Chinese Wine Industry is currently available for a Goodreads Giveaway. I will be giving away 30 FREE copies. Sign up as soon as you can because the giveaway ends on October 25, 2018. To participate, simply click the link below: Enter to win […]

Ten Useful Wine Terms to Know

decanter and wine bottle

Wine has been a passion and great pleasure in my life for many years. However, I felt that most wine connoisseurs were pretentious, and this can turn many people off. I chose to spend my time drinking wine rather than getting knee deep in the jargon and worrying about describing my experience. For me, having […]