Jay McInerney’s Love of Wine has Shaped his Career as an Author

Jay McIrney

Jay McInerney has had a successful writing career in both fiction and non-fiction. It is particularly fascinating how this celebrated novelist decided to turn to wine writing later in life. He has an interesting perspective on how wine has influenced his writing and the development of his fictions. He states that wine and writing have […]

A US American Author in Scandinavia Part 3

statue of lion in Sweden

Some might say that Scandinavians have the potential to be a “happy” place where people are productive even though they are not trying to get rich quick with a laid-back attitude because they are insular and homogenous. In fact, proportionately, they have been very generous about letting people in from other countries. In a statistic […]

A US American Author in Scandinavia Part 2

There are many reasons for the unbridled happiness in Scandinavia that I mentioned in Part 1. It is trendy to point to hygge (Hoo-gah) as an easy answer to why Danes, for example, are all so damn happy. Although there is truth to this (from one who has experienced it first-hand, hygge is great and […]

A US American Author in Scandinavia Part 1

shoreline in Sweden

I have traveled around the globe and seen many countries, experienced different cultures, and I’ve had the good fortune to meet many interesting people. But I will always be from the United States, where I was born and have lived for most of my life.  My chosen profession has given me the flexibility to make […]