Subterranean Chronicles Part I: Baseball in Cuba

Baseball in Cuba

You hear the crack of the bat and see a ball sailing through the crisp spring air in Chicago northside as it gets hung up in the ivy of the Wrigley outfield for a ground-rule double. With beer in hand, you think this is it.  Being at a Cubs game is an experience that could […]

An Introduction to Subterranean Mixtape

open journal

I am excited to formally introduce the project that has been more than a decade in the making: Subterranean Mixtape. This has been a journey not only of discovery and great emotional depth but tenacity. The more than 1,000 pages of my writing that I pulled together that spans more than two decades was culled […]

Freeing Yourself Through Poetry

Poetry has been a part of my life most of the way.  While working on Subterranean Mixtape, I exhumed some of my earliest poems, and it has been a trip looking back at them. Here is one poem that I wrote in seventh grade: See Me As I Am Paint me red, Paint me blue, […]

10 Facts About Hermann Hesse to Celebrate His Birthday

statue of Herman Hesse

Perhaps no other writer captured my imagination as much as Hermann Hesse did in my early twenties. Both my parents admired Hesse, and it was perhaps my rebellious spirit that caused me to eschew his work for so long. But reading Narcissus and Goldman got me quite interested in his work, and soon after I […]

My Journey Through Fiction

Edgar Allen Poe with raven

Often a large part of the DNA of a writer is affected by the inputs and influences. Perhaps the most pronounced is the other writers that one has read.  My journey through fiction began at a young age and continues … It can be argued that every book and, therefore every writer one has ever […]

What is Great About Bargain Wines

There are many people who are looking to try the best wine that money can buy. There are others who want to try every wine in a particular region and dozens of other pursuits that drive oenophiles. What I find most exciting is searching for the best bargain wines. I like to find wines that […]