Death Comes One Day, So Really Live All the Rest

old grave stones

Death and Personal Loss In the last year, I have lost my paternal grandmother Walt at the age of 99, my great-aunt Virginia at the age of 100 with whom I shared a special bond as strong as with any of my grandparents, and my maternal grandmother Laura at 104, Virginia’s sister about a month […]

The Three Most Important Leadership Characteristics Learned from Great Leaders

Mandela statue

What makes a great leader? There are many components of leadership and various desirable attributes when it comes to leading men or women.  But what are the most vital to leadership? In this article, I will keep it simple as we will explore three of the most important traits as exhibited by great leaders. Having […]

Memorial Day

gravestones of soldiers

I remember, as a child, my parents taking me to Main Street in the little village of Sherman, NY every year to see old men marching in tight pea-green and ash-grey uniforms with rifles resting on their shoulders, but they were not what interested me about Memorial Day.  What excited me, were the pretty girls […]

A Trip to the Sant’Ambrogio Market in Florence

Sant'Ambrogio Market

Writing books is about experiences, perspectives, inspiration, and purpose.  A small excursion trip of visiting the Sant’Ambrogio Market in Florence encompassed all of these ingredients.  It was a fascinating experience, which broadened my perspective and inspired me to think of the ambiance of a traditional open market. Plus, I had a real purpose: to discover […]

America is the Land of the Free & Home of the Extreme

In the United States, we grow extremism by telling our children myths about bearded white deities (a Western tradition that predates Jesus) and quasi-omniscient demigod Founding Fathers.  These children grow up to age eighteen, and then they are entrusted to make crucial civic decisions about: good and bad, right and wrong, moral consciousness impacting the […]

Creating the Painting of Sorrow

Creating the Painting of Sorrow

I have elected to include this blog by Virginia Winters about her book Painting of Sorrow because of my deep appreciation of both art and historical fiction. As an undergraduate, I majored in history but took enough art history classes to nearly have a minor in the subject. This new book is exciting not only because of the […]