My Journey Through Fiction

Edgar Allen Poe with raven

Often a large part of the DNA of a writer is affected by the inputs and influences. Perhaps the most pronounced is the other writers that one has read.  My journey through fiction began at a young age and continues … It can be argued that every book and, therefore every writer one has ever […]

“Keep Rolling Under the Stars”

The top of the Spanish Steps in Rome.

Emily Dickinson and Henry David Thoreau may have flourished in their sequestered lives close to home. Dickinson: often not leaving her room. Thoreau: not far from Walden Pond. There is nothing wrong with staying in your sanctuary, particularly if one is not pulled by a desire for the freedom of the open road. However, I believe […]

The Three Most Important Leadership Characteristics Learned from Great Leaders

Mandela statue

What makes a great leader? There are many components of leadership and various desirable attributes when it comes to leading men or women.  But what are the most vital to leadership? In this article, I will keep it simple as we will explore three of the most important traits as exhibited by great leaders. Having […]

Creating the Painting of Sorrow

Creating the Painting of Sorrow

I have elected to include this blog by Virginia Winters about her book Painting of Sorrow because of my deep appreciation of both art and historical fiction. As an undergraduate, I majored in history but took enough art history classes to nearly have a minor in the subject. This new book is exciting not only because of the […]

Change Is Fueled By Creativity

creative story

The antidote to problems with the established social order is creativity. The ability to imagine the world we live in a completely new way is what we need to fuel positive change.   That is why creativity and the powerful ability to think critically is systematically being bleached out of our education system and, if the […]