A Call For Shamanism

For centuries Shamans have used hallucinogenic substances to alter their perception of reality while searching for a greater understanding of the cosmos.  It wasn’t about getting high, which is the way mind-altering drugs are mostly used in our society. Shamans were smart enough to realize that the human perception of reality is only a sliver […]

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Goodreads Giveaway For Death: An Exploration

Death an exploration book

Recently Death: An Exploration was selected as an honorable mention recipient for book of the year 2016 Foreword INDIES Awards in Grief/Grieving category. To celebrate, the book is currently available for a Goodreads Giveaway. I will be giving away 3 signed copies of the book. Enter as soon as you can because the giveaway ends on 7/17. […]

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How Do Death And Loss Define Our Lives?

Death And Loss

Death and loss are separate entities that are strongly linked. No one can replace your mother, father, sister, or favorite cousin. Everyone is unique and every loss is tragic when it comes to the people we love. When someone dies, the world loses that person forever. This is part of the natural order of life […]

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