Memorial Day

gravestones of soldiers

I remember, as a child, my parents taking me to Main Street in the little village of Sherman, NY every year to see old men marching in tight pea-green and ash-grey uniforms with rifles resting on their shoulders, but they were not what interested me about Memorial Day.  What excited me, were the pretty girls […]

America is the Land of the Free & Home of the Extreme

In the United States, we grow extremism by telling our children myths about bearded white deities (a Western tradition that predates Jesus) and quasi-omniscient demigod Founding Fathers.  These children grow up to age eighteen, and then they are entrusted to make crucial civic decisions about: good and bad, right and wrong, moral consciousness impacting the […]

The Pledge of Allegiance Part 2

Civil War cannon

The first version of the pledge of allegiance was written by Captain George Thatcher Balch, a Union Army Officer during the Civil War.  One can imagine the impact of the words, “one nation” at the time.  But the fact remains that a pledge is part of the totalitarian practice of putting interests of the state […]

The Pledge of Allegiance Part I

The Pledge of Allegiance Part I

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America…   The flag is a symbol that represents the embodiment of a country. Our spangled banner is a symbol of democracy, freedom, and constitutional equal rights. We pledge our allegiance to the flag, we sing to it, we raise it in glory, and […]

Call Of Duty: The Virtual World Forgets It Is At War

The Army

War is a central part of what the United States has become. Multiple forms of media are distorting our view of combat and consequently the legitimacy of war in our minds.  War is death and destruction—the darkest expression of humanity.   The Army, Marines, National Guard etc. bombard television viewers with commercials hoping to indoctrinate young […]

Exploring Joseph Campbell’s Priorities Of Societies

Trump Tower

Joseph Campbell said that we can understand the priorities of a society by looking at its grandest structures.  Churches were once the palatial temples of society, housing the faiths of the world.   Now the sleek glass skyscrapers of financial institutions tower above churches as a constant reminder that the values of modern Western culture have […]